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digital marketing services search engine optimization services SEM and PPC services video marketing services email marketing servicesdigital marketing services search engine optimization services SEM and PPC services video marketing services email marketing services

Digital Marketing Services

K8 Applied Innovation provides a wide range of digital marketing services to clients on a global scale. Our experienced marketing experts can provide a comprehensive and scalable marketing solution to fit your organization’s unique needs. With decades of experience helping both small-and-large clients, K8 stands ready to help you optimize your reach and improve your conversion rates.

K8’s Digital Marketing capabilities include:

SEO/Content Marketing

A main concern of website owners is ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing help to increase visibility of websites among those who search for specific keywords. K8 helps clients determine the keywords that will push their company to the top of search engine ranking. Through K8’s SEO offering, we can help determine proper linkbacks to fresh content; this fundamental aspect of optimization can help you gain higher ranks.

SEM/PPC Ranking

Search engines are vital to everyday businesses. They help you gain more visibility compared to competitors, thus helping with brand awareness and possibly increasing sales pipelines. Search Engine Marketing is a sponsored search advertising that will place your page higher on results pages. K8’s SEM service can help optimize your rank through paid ads.

K8 can help with Pay Per Click (PPC) ranking. Uniquely targeted campaigns have a higher likelihood of producing customers and prospects. By using K8’s PPC service, you will only pay when your ad is clicked. This results in a highly interested individual and potential buyer.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a thriving form of content marketing, projected to be 80% of all web traffic by 2019. K8’s video editors and motion graphics experts can establish or enhance your website user experience through this form of rich media. Strengthen your brand message and improve your brand recall through the only form of media that is responsive across all forms of media: Video.

Do you work in an industry that needs landscape footage or footage from the air? K8 is proud to announce that we have certified drone pilots with the ability to provide you customized high definition footage. Stay ahead of the curve and differentiate yourself through our unique drone offering.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns allow companies and businesses to stay in touch with their existing client base, gain new customers, and continuously build a loyal and reliable audience. K8 helps you deliver meaningful and personalized ongoing engagement with clients, prospects, and others in your pipeline.

Our expert email marketers help build on customer experience, delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer. Our seamless experience has one goal: to have your customers and prospects on your active list for years to come.

Mobile App Development

If you have a large following on social media, or a large portion of your followers and current customers use mobile devices, it’s best to have your own app.

This ensures that your customers would have an easier time buying from you – any time they want and any where they want. K8 helps customers architect and develop mobile apps, unique to their customer base; customer support and troubleshooting services are also available.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows for a single design and code to adjust itself according to the screen dimensions/resolution of the target device (laptop vs phone vs tablet). With an increasing amount and variety of devices, compatibility of websites is integral to the customer lifecycle.

K8’s expert developers can help plan and design responsive websites or landing pages, resulting in longer page views and repeat visitors to your website.

User Experience

Both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are crucial when designing a website.

K8’s expert UI designers can create your web layout as well as the look and feel of your website. With veteran UX designers on staff, K8 can ensure your site experience is top-notch through ease-of-use, perception, task performance, and utility.

This approach in web design is especially useful when it comes to ecommerce sites, as well as for internet marketers.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing is based on referrals, whereas advertising payment is measured according to performance. This ultimately leads to the sale of products or services and can facilitate signups, creating lead generation.

If done effectively, affiliate companies will share links to your site within their network, driving additional customers to you. K8’s affiliate management experts can help you track and manage affiliate commissions and partnership, ensuring maximum profitability.

Social Media

Businesses capitalizing on ecommerce have started to tap into their social networks to attract more
customers and drive leads to their website. K8’s subject matter experts can help with:

  • Social content distribution – helping manage the posting of content; what you post, when you post, and how often to maximize visibility
  • Social media analytics – helping analyze your brand awareness to drive more traffic as well as analyzing the number of conversations and customer interactions per platform. Doing this will allow K8 experts to determine what needs to be improved to optimize interactions.
  • Social media content – K8 can help write and determine what types of content should be posted by your company in an effort to stimulate conversations and gain more followers.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is based on the flow of visitors to your site, giving a variety of metrics which divulge a wealth of information.

K8’s web analytics experts can help review your analytics, and assess what you can do to keep visitors on your site for longer.

Other types of analytics K8 can perform are the following:

  • Call center integrations – Call centers are dependent on KPIs for campaign evaluation. If you have a call center function, whether it is inbound or outbound, you should have the tools which integrate this with your website performance.
  • Funnel analytics – A funnel is a tool and a strategy. It basically tags people as part of a sales process, and in what part they are of the process. It also takes into account that the closer a prospect or follower is to the closing (narrow) part of the funnel, the greater the chances for them to buy your product or services.
  • Abandoned carts – It is easy to discount abandoned carts. It is important to understand why a prospective customer has an abandoned cart, and what chances are there that he will pick up where he left off.
  • A/B testing – This involves creating different versions of the website and testing these for performance in the wild. With live testing of actual alternative website versions, the website owner would know better which version would sell more.


Webinars are a great resource for companies with a tight budget. They’re inexpensive and a great way to deliver though leadership to your clients.

K8’s extensive webinar services can help spread your brand awareness through:

  • Creating webinars
  • Hosting webinars
  • Driving attendees
  • Providing expert guest speakers
  • Pre-and-post marketing efforts

Branding Technologies

K8’s branding technologies can help you with:

  • Predictive analytics/content – There is a lot of data about trends and individuals. Predictive analysis uses large data sets to create a profile of a person who will most likely buy a specific product or service, and the website can focus its marketing towards these individuals.
  • Personalization – This helps the website owner to visualize their target audience. With an idea of who the person is, the website can be personalized for that person.
  • CMS migrations – It may be necessary to move your content and your website from one CMS (or no CMS) to another. CMS migrations affect brands heavily; CMS migrations should take this into account.
  • Customer lifecycle management/journey – The sales cycle sometimes escapes the website owner’s responsibilities. With proper customer lifecycle management, it is possible to drive the customer back to your site, or not lose them the first time around.
  • Abandon cart recapture – An abandoned cart is an opportunity. It may be an opportunity delayed, but nonetheless, the sale is not yet lost. There are strategies for recapturing an abandoned cart.
  • Geo targeting – Some websites need to target a specific location, while others are okay going everywhere else in the world. If you can put boundaries on your target market, you can have a better focus on your prospects.
  • Multistep landing pages – Landing pages are complex marketing tools. They follow a multistep formula designed to sell the item, and then upsell some more items.