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search engine marketing search engine results page optimizing SEM pay-per-click PPC advertisingsearch engine marketing search engine results page optimizing SEM pay-per-click PPC advertising

Search Engine Marketing / PPC

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a sponsored search advertising that will put your page high up on the search engine results page of SERP. This paid search advertising gets your content more visibility, making it one of the ideal overall tools when it comes to internet marketing. This  approach to get traffic has become one of the most recognized methods for several reasons. First off, on search results, your link will have a prominent space dedicated for ads. For another, it will also be visible to your visitors on whatever website they go to.

Optimizing SEM

Getting on a search website is now the primary way of getting information, learning how to do something, finding products, and answers to questions. Getting your ads on top of the SERP, higher than organic search results, can yield more visitors that are more likely to convert to buyers. It also has a better return on investment (ROI) based on visibility and click throughs. If you want immediate measurable results, you should include SEM/PPC in your strategy.

SEM goes beyond optimizing your website to get more visitors. It involves methods like PPC advertising. Advertisers buy ad space in the search engine results page to getting more traffic as opposed to getting free traffic from unpaid organic search.

Getting Pay-per-Click to Work for You

Pay-per-click, cost-per-click, or cost-per-impression, as the name implies, is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay according to the number of times the ads are clicked.

PPC is one of the most popular types of advertising since the advertisers get to put their bid on indexed words that is related to what they are promoting. These PPC ads appear on top of the organic search result, but the location in the ad space also depend on keywords and how they are used. The relevancy of the keywords is integral in the location of the ads to get a more targeted approach with the highest position in the results page.

Measurable Results

PPC can help businesses, especially in tracking and determining in advance their daily allowance when it comes to the actual cost per click per targets. Advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked, not whet it is viewed. This targeted campaign will highly likely produce customers who are 100% likely to convert since they will only click on your ad when they are interested in what they see.

Advertising using PPC is very easy – you would just need some highly optimized keywords which may cost more, but will surely give the number of click you are looking for.