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video marketing motion graphics designer services video editor services videographer services animator servicesvideo marketing motion graphics designer services video editor services videographer services animator services

Video Marketing

In the last 10 years, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. Mobile phones and tablets are being utilized more than ever, and content only thrives if it’s delivered to consumers when and how they want it. That’s where Video Marketing comes in to play. It’s one of the only types of material that provides value, relevance and flexibility to consumers while supporting the on-the-go lifestyle.

Enriched user experiences are desired by nearly all online users. In fact, according to Hubspot, video content is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. By utilizing K8 as your video content marketing experts, we can help enhance the experience of your website, often leading to increased conversions and repeat visitors.

Types of Video Marketing


A good promo video can be the machine that drives conversions for your business. But, it all comes down to how the promotional material is delivered. A promo video that delivers a personal bond, incorporates movement, drives curiosity, adds value to your customer base, has a strong call to action, and contains a memorable tagline will help your company generate buzz and possible conversions.


There are many different types of interview videos. Project managers can be interviewed about the vision for an exciting new venture for the company; recruiting or HR can be interviewed to showcase the culture of the workplace; your company could even host a virtual interview with industry experts. Interviews tend to be genuine, believable, and often spontaneous. They force interviewees really think about the question and why they’re passionate about their work. It typically unearths genuine dialogue that viewers will respond to.

How-To / Product Tutorial

Helpful content has to be more than just promotional tie-ins. Consumers are smart enough to know when they’re being sold on something more than just expanding their knowledge. Let’s face it – humans are a group of constant learners. With most of the world having access to information at the touch of a button, it’s important to set yourself apart from competitors. Having a series of how-to videos on a buzzworthy subject can get your new customers while helping to retain former customers.

Presentations / Grand Unveilings

A presentation by an engaging speaker is a special type of speech that carries a lot of purchasing power alongside it.Think beyond direct response and focus on top-of-the-funnel customer engagement. If you want to distinguish yourself as a thought leader, presentations are a great video content tool to have at your disposal.

Grand unveilings are a great way to generate buzz, followers, and loyal customers. Inviting people to view your product the moment it’s publicly released to the world can bolster sales and retention. Creating buzzworthy build-up to your grand unveiling will generate the excitement you need for a successful product launch.


Perhaps the most fun and creative, user-generated videos can spread like wildfire. These videos can be hard to master, but if done effectively, they will significantly increase customer retention and loyalty. By starting with a contest or hashtag, your followers can be creative with your product and can submit videos to show you new ways they’re using your product.


An event video is a powerful marketing tool because it’s usually more trustworthy than a promo. While no product is being marketed, event video content that highlights the best parts of a given evening can convey a large amount of information about your company, product, and culture. Event videos should show viewers what sets your company apart. When done correctly, there’s no better way to tap target engagement.


Animated videos have the power to leave viewers’ spirits in a fantastic mood. They are perfect for companies that have multi-layered products and services with complex instructions or tools, which is why the most popular types of animated video are landing page explainer videos. Whiteboard animations are extremely affordable and popular options that have been utilized many times over the past few years.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Not only does Video Marketing often create brand recall (customers remember watching your branded video), but it can boost your SEO. By adding video to landing pages, it helps improve your company’s SEO value and improve your click-through rates across the board.

Video marketing can help strengthen your brand message. Through design and branding by K8’s video editors and motion graphics experts, your company message can be established – or enhanced to show your customers who you truly are. Video is the ideal tool to strengthen your brand identity.

So, why is video so important? The answer is easy: Responsive design.
When content doesn’t perform well on a given device or browser system, the business behind it loses traffic and suffers poor conversions as a result. Fortunately, video content is a great match for all devices; computers, mobile phones, tablets, gaming systems, etc. This expands video’s reach and makes it more user-friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your website and user experience through K8’s Video Marketing. You can learn more by visiting our contact us page.

How can K8 help with video marketing?

K8 has decades of experience in all things video. We can help with everything from idea generation to filming, to editing. Our team has been part of hundreds of prior projects involving complex video arrangements and a variety of locations.

Motion Graphics Designers – Conceptualize, design, and craft motion graphics and editing solutions for our clients while translating concepts and existing information into visually compelling stories. K8’s Motion Graphics Designers collaborate with writers, editors, and others to achieve the best possible results while working within your specific brand guidelines and templates.

Video Editors – Contributes to post-production video editing, media asset archiving, and management. K8’s Video Editors will help conceptualize ideas and assemble media assets into high-quality content that supports various production efforts. Our video editor enjoys working with artists, designers, educators and technologists.

Videographers – Conceptualizes, shoots, edits, and creates videos for K8’s clients at their desired location. K8’s Videographers will work closely with your team to develop and execute the goals set forth in your video production. Our Videographers can help design, shoot, and produce live trainings, promotional content, educational support pieces, testimonials, direct-to-consumer messaging pieces, etc.

Animators – Creates animations and compelling visuals that explain a wide range of topics. K8’s Animators will work with editorial and production team members to ensure that script concepts are visualized clearly and accurately. S/he will execute all visual stages of the production process from storyboard sketches to polished animations while maintaining style guidelines, best practices, and standards across products.