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Web Analytics

One of the most important tools for any website is web analytics. Web analytics is based on the flow of visitors to your site, these are quantified and data from them is put into different metrics. This gives the website owner an idea of where the visitors come from, what they read, where they go, how long they stayed. Web analytics also provide information about the visitor, not only about their device but also their location and demographics.

There are several options for collating and analyzing web visitors, and these all depend on how you get your data. If you have your own server and programmers, you can pull this information with the use of cookies on the site. The data is pulled from the requesting browser and the saved to a database. The data can be presented direct from the database as raw data or as analyzed through a statistical program.

Alternatively, you can make use of Google Analytics to pull the data for you, and massage the data into a presentable format. There are other web analytics programs which are readily available for your website, depending on the CMS that you use.

Call Center Integrations

Web analytics can also be integrated with call center data. You can have a chat client installed on your website, and the visitor can talk to a support or sales person on your end. Other call center integration can include pulling the data from the database and presenting it to the call center agent for information about the support or sales call. This is very important for the customers of an e-commerce site. The phone support personnel will be better able to assist the caller if he has access to the specific sales.

Funnel Analytics

The concept of funnels has become a buzz word for internet marketers. The concept of a funnel has been in use in corporate and enterprise sales teams since at least the 1990s. Web analytics provide a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the database for the sales team. They will be able to see any front logs, as well as movement of website visitors within the funnel. The data for customer conversion is easily called from the web analytics data.

Abandoned Carts

One of the most important outcomes of a web analytic program is the insight into abandoned carts. With re-marketing codes, it is possible to salvage abandoned carts and convert these to sales.

A/B testing

For a lot of people, the most common use of web analytics data is with A/B testing. The web data provides the information resulting from A/B testing.

Web Analytics is easy to set up, and with the proper tools can also lead to easy to understand data. It can also be used in a wide range of applications.